What a whirlwind it has been for all of us at Spessard Holland since taking over the operations as of September 1st.  We now have our staffs in place at both Spessard Holland and Habitat golf courses under the leadership of General Manager Michael Yurigan.

We have taken a very aggressive approach in making physical and operational improvements at the course.  We are excited with the progress we have made, some visible and some behind the scenes.

While you will see some new faces we have retained many of the former staff members so you should still see some familiar faces at the course.  Our entire team is excited with the direction we are moving with the golf course.  We are committed to giving our golfers the best possible service, property wide.  We want you to know that we are focused on improving course conditions and maintaining quality customer service throughout the property.

We also want to inform you that we had such a positive response to our September Appreciation Month pricing that we have extended value pricing through the end of October.  We hope to be able to meet a lot of golfers coming out to give us a try while enjoying some great conditions on the course.

The greens are rolling very well, grass is getting healthier and weeds are dying, what an awesome combination!  We have been getting fantastic feedback from our golfers.  Hopefully you will notice staff hustling as we work to improve the property and make it a place you can proudly call your home golf course.

And finally, we just received our new fleet of Yamaha golf cars in classic white! Join us for a test drive.

We will keep you informed as we provide updates and information. Please watch our web site and follow us on Facebook at Spessard Holland Golf.


Until next time, keep it in the short grass!

Mark S. Eberle

Spessard Holland Manager