Golfers at The Habitat and Spessard Holland,

Here are a few things we are doing as well as a few things you can do to help us continue to address the ongoing changes happening in our community.

First, we have removed all the rakes from the bunkers on both courses so play on as you normally would and we will take care of them.

Second, we ask that you please take advantage of last years rule change and leave the pin in. Additionally we ask that you carry this same mindset throughout the course and abstain from touching surface areas as much as possible. We are sanitizing all areas of each golf cart as we wash them.

Finally, we have made a few changes to our food service to ensure we are following the recommended sanitary practices. We have closed the indoor dining areas and are asking that you take advantage of our outdoor seating options. We also ask that you call in your food orders in advance to allow us to serve you as soon as possible.

We will remain open for play and hope to see you at the courses!

For additional updates please stay tuned to our website and social media pages.

Mike Yurigan

General Manager/Director of Golf